Your Guide to Compaction Rental Equipment

15 March 2021

Compaction equipment rental can be a great way to build your fleet and achieve your goals for your small business. Renting equipment makes sense when you’re trying to manage cash flow while ensuring you can meet your clients’ needs. But there are various types of compaction equipment, so it’s important to make sure you’re renting the right machine.

Here’s your guide to compaction equipment rental.

What compaction is

Compaction increases soil density, which in turn increases the soil’s stability and capacity to support loads. It may be done to reduce air voids, contraction and swelling, and water seepage. Compaction also prevents damage from frost and the settling of the soil.

Two types of force

There are two main types of compaction force: static and vibratory. Static force is created by applying the weight of the equipment to the soil’s surface, thereby compressing the soil particles. This type of force compresses the upper soil layers.

Vibratory force involves a mechanism in the equipment that vibrates, creating more downward force. By rapidly beating the surface, the machine compresses deeper layers of the soil as the vibrations move the particles closer together to achieve higher density.

Options for compaction equipment rental

There are a number of machines you can use to compact soil. The right choice depends on the kind of work you’re doing. You’ll want to consider the size of the job, the space you have to work in, the volume and depth of the soil you need to compact, the load that has to be borne by the compacted soil, and your schedule.

Your options in compaction equipment are as follows:

  • Smooth wheeled roller: This machine compacts with a large steel drum on the front end and one or two wheels on the back.

  • Sheepsfoot roller: Also called tamping rollers, sheepsfoot rollers have a steel drum on the front end that has numerous rectangular studs in a hexagonal pattern.

  • Pneumatic roller: This type of roller has a number of rubber tires at the front and back that are responsible for compaction.

  • Vibratory roller: Two smooth drums—one at the front and one at the back—along with a vibrator are responsible for compacting the soil.

  • Rammer: A lightweight piece of equipment, the rammer is used for compacting in small areas. It can be operated by hand.

  • Vibratory-plate compactor: This small piece of compaction equipment is good for working in narrow, congested areas.

If you’re considering compaction equipment rental, talk to us. Our experts can help you determine the right machine for your needs. When you know what type of compaction equipment you want to rent, The Cat® Rental Store has an online portal, Rental Point, that gives you 24/7 secure, mobile-friendly access to 1,800 products in stock.

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