Introducing BC Youth to Careers in Technology

The technology sector in B.C. employs more people than forestry, mining, oil & gas and utilities combined and continues to be one of the top five contributors to the provincial economy. An additional 83,000 jobs are expected to be added by 2027, many of which are roles that don’t even exist today. Future employees need to be highly-skilled and adaptable in this rapidly changing business world. This is why JA British Columbia (JABC) launched their TechWorks program in 2017. With the goal of helping to encourage youth to reconsider their education choices as they approach their senior years and inspire them to consider a career in B.C.’s technology sector and beyond.

With Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), being a key area of focus for Finning, supporting such an innovative program targeting the next generation of skilled workers makes perfect sense. “Being in an industry sector that is driven by innovation and technology, we realize the potential of supporting programs like TechWorks that give youth access to the knowledge of the diverse careers in technology that are going to be an integral part of the work force of tomorrow,” says Michelle Dupont, Vice President, Human Resources for Finning Canada.

The JABC TechWorks program offers students in Grades 9 through 12, an introduction to the world of technology, bringing awareness to the fact that technology is in everything we do and will likely play a key role in any career path they choose. Students are given the opportunity to watch pre-recorded videos from technology career professionals at numerous companies, and then attend a breakout session with an industry professional to take a deeper dive into the sector and ask questions about career opportunities in a live, moderated Q&A session.

Over 65% of the students who participated in the program indicated they would now be more likely to be comfortable using technology in their career someday and were more familiar with the types of jobs available in B.C.’s tech sector.

Finning supported the JABC Techworks program for the first time in the 2020-21 school year. This was also the first year the program was delivered virtually, reaching over 4,500 students. This included youth living in rural, remote and Indigenous communities, whom previously hadn’t had access to the program. With our continued sponsorship of the program in the 2021-22 school year, we anticipate this impactful experience will be accessible to even more youth across B.C.

“Your support provides students with the opportunity to learn about and explore different professions related to technology and develop a personalized vision for their future education and career pathway. Through this experience students will build confidence and feel empowered to make choices today that will positively impact their future,” says Sheila Biggers, JABC President and CEO.