Alberta operating on carbon-free energy Alberta operating on carbon-free energy

Majority of Alberta operations to power up using 100% carbon-free energy

Starting in 2025, most of our Alberta operations will start using wind, solar and hydro power. The carbon-free electricity supplied under this agreement will meet the majority of the electricity needs of our facilities in Alberta including our service operations facilities, parts distribution centres, The Cat Rental Store locations and OEM.

This will help us achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions compared to 2017 levels, and eliminate an estimated 10,000 metric tons of CO2e.

We won't see wind turbines, solar panels and a hydro plant next to our parts distribution centres or service and rental facilities. Instead, we will buy 100% carbon-free electricity from TC Energy —enough to power over 2,200 homes each year.

But how will we get power when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine?

We are covered with TC Energy’s 24x7 carbon-free power solution. It captures carbon-free energy and feeds it into Alberta’s electrical grid, and then uses a pumped-hydro energy storage station to store and generate carbon-free power when faced with renewable energy intermittency challenges.

The agreement with TC Energy helps us meet our power needs at a competitive rate compared to traditional power sources, and drives progress towards our decarbonization targets by purchasing power generated from primarily emissions-free sources. The carbon-free energy will be available around-the-clock.

Our goal is to reduce our GHG emissions globally by 40% by 2027 from our 2017 baseline to reduce our impact on the planet. One of the ways we are working towards that goal is transitioning to cleaner energy sources. This is an example of an innovative solution.