797A Haul Truck

797 Hits 150,000 Hours and Keeps on Truckin’

Twenty one years ago, Syncrude’s Cat® 797A Haul Truck went into service and it is still going strong at their Aurora Mine in the oil sands. On December 4, 2020, it reached a major milestone and world record – 150,000 hours. “Not only is this incredible in its own right, but this 797A is still operating at peak performance,” says Eric Marquis, Finning’s Mining Branch Manager at Syncrude. “After 10 engines, 1,578,272 kms and 165,776 loads hauled, this truck’s average availability YTD is higher than the availability of the entire fleet of 797s during this same time frame. It’s a true testament to the durability and reliability of these 797s.”

Here are few more fun facts about this amazing truck:

797 Fun Fact Infograph 797 Fun Fact Infograph

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