Acres Enterprises Harnesses the Power of Technology to Lead Construction Industry

Technology is playing an important role across the construction industry. It’s giving companies better insight into their operations—allowing them to make data-driven decisions, and their businesses more efficient and productive.

For companies that are new to technology, how do they make the leap? And for those who have already adopted, how do they make sure they’re getting the most from their investment?

In a recent episode of the In the Dirt Podcast, Remo Scalzo and Stantton Pallister from SITECH Western Canada join Chad Kyllo from Acres Enterprises and host Mack Plovie to talk about Acres' technological journey, and how they made the jump from a company with big ambitions, to a leader in their industry.

On the podcast, they talk about the tools and solutions they employ, the support receive from SITECH and Finning, the impact of technology on Acres' business growth, and share valuable advice for contractors looking to adopt or expand their technology fleet.

The Early Days and Technological Evolution of Acres Enterprises

Acres Enterprises is a construction company with a strong focus on innovation. They began their technological journey over a decade ago, back when tech was still an emerging platform.

The company has evolved into a construction powerhouse, utilizing a range of Trimble Technology products to optimize their workflows and achieve unprecedented levels of precision and efficiency. As pioneers in their field, Acres recognized the potential of adopting cutting-edge tools and solutions to enhance their operations and deliver exceptional results.

“I think it’s a natural progression for a construction company to start with a bit of surveying gear, they see how it can help their company, and eventually move into machine control, and that’s what we did,” said Kyllo.

“Almost all of our machines now have technology, and anything that we purchase new here on forward gets technology … even when we rent equipment, that’s the first thing we look at.”

SITECH and Finning’s Role in Supporting Acres' Journey

SITECH Western Canada and Finning have been a key partner in supporting Acres throughout their evolution. By working together, understanding Acres' unique requirements and providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs, the partnership has enabled Acres to leverage advanced technology, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

“The customers of ours that have somebody identified within their organization that are owning and steering the journey, it gives them a much greater uptick in velocity in adopting technology, but also reaping the greatest amount of rewards from their technology,” said Pallister.

Finning has worked closely with Acres to integrate technology seamlessly into their machinery, resulting in enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.

“The support is really well focused, our support team has been absolutely wonderful,” Kyllo said.

Click here to listen to the full episode of In the Dirt featuring Chad, Remo and Stantton.