Adapting to a Shifting Marketplace

Canadian Industry Online had the opportunity to interview Kevin Parkes, President, Finning Canada to discuss how customer’s needs have changed as the international market has evolved and what it means for Finning. “The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, so we need to continually adapt with it, from the rapidly changing technology to increasing customer expectations around service levels and cost to serve,” says Parkes. “Our focus is on partnering and innovating to build and power a better world, and that includes enabling access to energy for business and communities and helping to build infrastructure.  This is only possible by continuing to work together with our partner Caterpillar to meet customer’s evolving equipment service and solution needs.

“In Canada, key to our success is continued support to the mining sector, helping our customers transform their mining adaptation, automation and data insights,” explains Parkes. There are also plans to diversify services as the industrial market evolves in Canada – Finning will broaden its power systems markets and provide more support to the oil and gas industry and electric power and LNG projects. “It is also imperative we provide greater accessibility to our services by expanding ways our customers can work with us through digital technology solutions to our customers across all industry sectors,” says Parkes.

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Adapting to a shifting marketplace Adapting to a shifting marketplace