Drones - High-flying Help for Projects of Any Size

The use of drones today is commonplace. However, it may surprise some to learn that last year, drone usage was highest in the construction industry. For builders, they are no longer viewed as high-tech gadgets. They are now being used by both large construction companies and small contractors to improve productivity and create more efficiencies on sites. “Increased worker safety, jobs that stay on schedule and budget and saving time and resources are just a few of the benefits associated with drones,” says Trevor Tetzlaff Manager of SITECH Technologies for Finning Canada. “For example, almost every project requires surveying, mapping, measurements and project management. Drones can help eliminate the time workers spend on these tasks, and the accuracy of the data collection means less chance of human error and a better chance of identifying problems before they become costly.”

With advances in technology, drones are becoming easier and more cost-effective to operate. However, there are a lot of regulations associated with operating a drone and we would highly recommend operators get the appropriate training from a technology partner who can help them navigate the regulatory environment and direct them to the appropriate courses and certifications to fly safely and legally. “The biggest challenge and the most important component is making sense of the data and analyzing the information gathered,” says Trevor. “And again, that’s where selecting the right technology partner comes in. With the right partner, you can better understand your mapping, measurements and plans, and use the data collected to better inform your job site, helping with overall business productivity and efficiency. At SITECH for example, we work with companies of all sizes, including smaller contractors, to help determine the best starter package to ensure customers stay on budget, find the right training, and get the most out of their data analytics for the biggest ROI. Costs also include access to our 24/7 cloud-based system with valuable production tracking and site assessment information.”

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