Finning Customers Win Big At Landscape Alberta Awards

Year-Round Landscaping’s award-winning project

Finning would like to congratulate the Landscape Alberta 2016 landscape award winners and recognize our customers ULS Maintenance & Landscaping Inc., Park Landscaping Ltd. and Year-Round Landscaping on their wins. We’d also like to congratulate Ron Oudyk from Land Tec Landscape Contractors Ltd. and Jack Payne from Classic Landscape Centre who were among the recipients of this year’s Executive Choice Awards. ULS Maintenance & Landscaping and Year-Round Landscaping were also among the companies nominated for the 2017 National Awards of Landscape Excellence. Congratulations to all the winners on this well-deserved recognition.

Landscape Alberta’s award-winning projects will be featured in the 2017 May/June issue of Green for Life magazine. To view the 2016 winning projects click here