Maintenance Strategy Can Boost Equipment Productivity


Keeping equipment running is critical to an efficient forestry operation. Getting the most out of your machine starts the moment it leaves the dealership and enters your fleet. Incorporating a maintenance plan and strategy from the point of purchase will increase productivity, lower costs, and help extend the life of the machine.

All equipment will eventually reach the end of its life cycle and a logger must decide to either repair, rebuild or replace the machine at some point. There are many factors to consider – the costs of owning, operating, and maintenance will affect the total life cycle of the machine but future depreciation, resale value and production levels also need to be considered. The end goal is always to get the best return on your investment. Having a concrete business strategy that considers all factors can help bring clarity to the situation and, in particular, having a strategy from the start can keep costs down and your equipment running.


Tapping into a dealer’s network of service and support options can take your business to the next level of productivity. Experienced dealers are equipped to help with parts and maintenance programs such as remote monitoring, which provides a unified view of the health, location and productivity of your entire fleet. They can also provide a better understanding of other technologies like GPS and telematics to bring new insights into job site operations, streamline communication, increase efficiency and keep workers safe on site.

Read the full article by Brian Mulvihill, Industry Manager, Forestry, for Finning Canada in Canadian Forest Industries magazine.