Remedy Oilfield Using Technology to be More Efficient

Based in Hardisty, Alberta, Remedy Oilfield Services Ltd. is a general civil construction company that focuses on civil construction, general construction and pipeline maintenance throughout the province. “We’ve had a long-standing relationship with Finning. Actually, our whole fleet is Caterpillar equipment,” says Mike Palmer, Operations Manager for Remedy Oilfield Services. So, a few years back when the company wanted to upgrade their equipment technology, they approached Finning. According to Bryan Holigroski, general line sales rep with Finning, “Remedy made the decision to make the investment in technology to help further their productivity and allow them to do jobs more efficiently and safely.”

The Cat® 323 Next Gen Excavator is one of the newest additions to Remedy Oilfield Services’ fleet. Remedy built a test facility just outside Lougheed, Alberta, to showcase their Cat 323 Next Gen equipped with 3D technology. “This test facility is for training operators, and for showing clients the accuracy of the technology and how we can be more efficient and cost effective,” says Mike. “What we are striving for is a non-strike policy which is something everyone in the industry would like to see. With this technology, we can be extremely accurate and stay two metres or two feet - whatever distance the client requires - from the pipe or line.”

There are huge advantages to investing in having technology on your equipment. “The addition of technology on a machine like this in particular, number one, it provides a safer environment for the operator, people on the ground and for the industry in general,” says Bryan. “It creates a lot more efficiencies in day-to-day operations, allows you to finish jobs on time if not ahead of schedule, move less dirt, and potentially use less material you’ve purchased and brought on site for the job.”

Remedy Oilfield noticed the improvements and saw the benefits of the machine almost immediately. “The Next Gen excavator has become a really good asset for us,” says Mike. “It took a bit to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to operate and we’re getting the job done faster, more efficiently and we’re not having to go back and redo anything.”

The features also make the Cat 323 excavator much friendlier to operate. According to Mike, “The controls on the Cat 323 Next Gen are a lot more responsive. It is a faster machine all around. The different settings make it more economical for fuel consumption and the visibility is great. Our machine has the bird’s eye view camera so, from a safety perspective, you can see anyone walking around the machine or in close proximity.” Mike is also a big fan of the comfort and other features in the cab. “The features I really like on this machine are the heated seats and everything else they have done with the operator’s comfort in mind. The controls, the handling of the machine and being so well-balanced makes it a very smooth machine to operate. And if you can operate a phone, you can operate the touch screen. It’s really easy to navigate for the most part. You also have the side buttons to navigate. And if you don’t like the idea of the touch screen, you can use the manual controls.”

The Cat Next Gen 323 is also operator friendly. “This machine allows a really good operator to become an even better operator. It can also help educate and teach newer operators how to become more efficient, making them safer on the job,” says Bryan. And the 3D technology allows for increased accuracy and efficiency. “Before you would have operators checking grade manually and adjusting accordingly by digging another foot or another inch,” says Bryan. “Now with 3D grade control, it is all done in the cab. You just load your design file and then you hit grade exactly, every time. This technology allows you to do the same job in half the time with half the manpower.”

The industry is changing and adoption of technology is becoming more of a necessity. “The use of technology has increased significantly in the last six years,” says Bryan. “It’s getting to the point that if you’re not adopting technology and implementing it in your business, you risk getting left behind and not being able to compete. Technology is the way of the future and it’s what is making our customers very successful.”

Remedy sees it too. “This technology is designed to save you money and be more efficient,” says Mike. “It’s just the new way of the world for sure.”