Rental Equipment – Cost Effective Way to Access the Latest Technology

More and more builders and contractors are relying on rental equipment to meet short-term project demands, manage costs and stay on schedule. Rental was once viewed as a quick fix for unexpected needs, but renting equipment versus buying is fast becoming an appealing alternative providing companies confidence they can get the equipment they need when they need it. The decision to buy or rent equipment comes down to costs and availability. New equipment and the post purchase expenses associated with ownership – transporting, maintaining, repairing and storing – is a major expense for most landscaping companies.  Especially those starting out who may have limited cash flow.

Every job comes with unique project demands and deadlines, which require equipment and resources to get the job done. The challenge is always the same – how do we make the most of our equipment while keeping costs low and productivity high? Renting can offer contractors new technology on equipment they may not otherwise have access to. Gone are the days of making do with whatever machines are available – many rental companies are now offering low-hour machines with the latest technology to help businesses operate more efficiently. The right equipment rental partner works closely with contractors to help understand their needs and provide the right equipment, technology and training ensuring operators can quickly learn to operate the equipment effectively. – Kim Carlson, GM Rental and Used Operations, Finning Canada.

Read the full article in the Build Your Business section of the June/July 2019 issue of Renovation Contractor Magazine

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