Technology Helps Keep Machines Running in Tough Conditions

Keeping equipment and operators productive and on track in extreme conditions can be a tough job. Equipment needs to be properly prepped and maintained while on site.  Repairing a machine after failure can be costly, particularly in remote locations where fuel, parts and engineers are not easily accessed. Equipment is especially prone to break downs in severe cold where metal becomes brittle.  Excavation and earth moving of frozen ground can take longer and is extremely hard on both the machine and the attachments. Down time needs to be managed to perfection – the longer the machine is out of use or idle, the greater the impact on the project from a timing and cost perspective.

This is where equipment telematics can help, ensuring machines are running efficiently and providing real-time intel from fleet hours and location, equipment availability, idle time and fuel consumption to scheduled maintenance. Once analyzed the data can alert equipment managers of fault codes and many other aspects of operation including idling hours, start and stop times, fluid analysis and equipment inspection information.

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