When You Think About Equipment Optimization Think Cost per Ton

Mining sites operate like small cities or towns. At any given moment, there could be hundreds of jobs to do, and every type of equipment with the latest technology on site to meet business requirements. Short term project goals, balanced by long term strategies and any number of individual factors can multiply by the minute. As deposits get deeper and harder to access, the need for improved efficiencies and increased productivity only continues to grow. Add to that the pressure of high labour costs and variable commodity prices and there’s an even greater urgency to generate more value from mining operations.

An aggressive program to reduce costs is a reasonable response - identifying piece-by-piece, where to cut to increase the bottom line. This approach, however, places all the focus on how to do more with less versus how to get more out of your investment.

That’s why leading companies in the industry are now focusing on how to extract the most value and optimize performance to a level where it contributes to lowering the overall cost per ton.

Read the full article by Shawn Tetreault, mining industry solutions manager, Finning Canada in Canadian Mining Magazine.