Community Investment

Whether it’s lending a hand in times of need or contributing to charitable causes, Finning’s investment in communities where we live and work is a core part of who we are. Our commitment has expanded over time, both in terms of the value of our investments and our reach around the world. At the same time, we have been focusing our efforts on one particular global initiative that we believe makes a fundamental difference to our communities and the people who live in them. This initiative is youth-focused STEM education, a community investment strategy that Finning is pursuing globally in concert with leading non-profit strategic partners.

What is STEM and why does it matter?

STEM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Disciplines that produce the engineers, analysts, chemists, biophysicists and other technical and scientific practitioners that help to drive today’s innovation-oriented world. 

For today’s youth, STEM training is widely considered the best path to viable, challenging, and rewarding careers. Growth in STEM-based jobs is approximately three times that of non-STEM jobs, and workers who hold STEM degrees enjoy higher earnings and are less likely to experience joblessness.

Communities benefit too. STEM-trained populations make it easier for communities to attract advanced industries and the high-value employment they provide. This in turn helps to support the creation of vibrant and stable economic bases.

But not all youth and not all communities have access to the programs, mentoring and mindset that support STEM-based studies. This is where Finning is getting involved. In keeping with our core purpose to build and power a better world, we are making youth-focused STEM education the central philanthropic focus of our global operations, and we are supporting this initiative both financially and practically.

By partnering closely with leading non-profit organizations in each of our regions, and backing that investment with volunteer support, we are working to level the playing field for youth who might otherwise miss out on the significant opportunities STEM education provides.


Finning Canada and Actua

Finning Canada and Actua

In Canada, Finning has partnered with Actua, Canada’s leading STEM education outreach organization. Finning is supporting Actua’s programming for youth aged 10-16 in Western Canadian communities with a focus on:

  • National Aboriginal Outreach Program – a community-based program that makes a connection between local traditional knowledge and culture with modern science
  • National Girls Program – all-girl camps and clubs designed to connect girls to positive female role models in STEM fields
  • At-Risk Youth: engaging socio-economically challenged youth in their communities.

In addition to providing financial support, Finning will work with Actua to leverage the time, skill and expertise of Finning people through volunteering, mentoring and helping develop hands-on learning.

Finning South America and ComunidadMujer

In South America, Finning is partnering with CommunidadMujer, an independent, non-government organization that works to promote greater participation of women in public and the workforce.

Through Finning’s investment, CommunidadMujer will initially focus on working with teachers and school administrators to identify and address the gender biases that can exclude girls from STEM-based vocational paths.


Finning UK & Ireland

Finning UK & Ireland is currently completing a review of potential STEM-focused strategic partners and expects to announce a partnership in 2017.

Other Community Initiatives

In addition to our global focus on STEM education, Finning is proud of our commitment to a number of carefully selected causes, organizations and events that impact and strengthen the neighbourhoods, cities and regions where our people live and work.

United Way – Each year, Finning Canada employees demonstrate their strong support for the United Way and its goal of eliminating poverty by participating in an annual campaign, holding fundraising events and volunteering for community agencies. Finning recognizes employee giving to the United Way through a matching gift program.

“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” - Male team members from across Edmonton put on a pair of fashionable high heels and collect pledges to participate in this YWCA event, which helps women and children escape family violence.

Northern Lights Health Foundation - Finning funds an aboriginal health liaison role in the community for Alberta Health Services. The position helps promote awareness of programs and services available to the aboriginal community in Fort McMurray and assists in ensuring these programs and services are accessible.

Fort McMurray Fire Relief – Finning pledged $100,000 towards relief efforts following the devastating fires in the Spring of 2016, including $25,000 to the Red Cross to support immediate needs and $75,000 to support the recovery and rebuild efforts that will be required in the future.

BC Children’s Hospital - Since 1986, Finning and its employees have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to BC Children’s Hospital. In 2009, Finning made a $1-million commitment to the Campaign for BC Children to support the construction of the new BC Children’s Hospital and the delivery of the highest possible standard of pediatric care to all of BC’s children.

Finning UK and Ireland Giving Scheme - employees in the UK and Ireland receive support for their charitable activities and sponsorship for their sports teams through the Finning Giving scheme. Employees also have the opportunity to take paid leave to take part in community projects and undertake school visits which aim to expand Finning's safety culture out into the wider community.