When there is a long road to pave, and the job needs done quickly and without interruptions, turn to the Weiler E650C windrow elevator. With its proven high-slat entry to the windrow and its operator-accessible chain speed and directional control, this rugged machine can help lead the way to high production paving.

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Weight 20,300 lb 9,210 kg
Engine CAT 4.4 137 hp Tier 4 CAT 4.4 137 hp Tier 4
Height 124" 3,150 mm 3,150 mm
Length 230" 5,842 mm
Length w/ Raised Towing Frame 188" 4,775 mm
Width w/ Wings In 122" 3,099 mm
Width w/ Wings Out 184" 4,674 mm
Conveyor Throat Width 118" 2,997 mm
Conveyor Slat Width 58" 1,473 mm
Conveyor Slat Depth 7" 179 mm
Discharge Height 84" 2,134 mm
Front Wheel Cylinder Lift 8" 203 mm
Front Tire Size 22" x 7" 559 mm x 178 mm
Rear Tire Size 8.25 x R15 8.25 x R15
Fuel Tank Capacity 80 gal 303 l
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 40 gal 151 l

The material-feed system consists of two auger segments and slat conveyors. The auger segments are positioned on each side of the slat conveyors. The augers remix the material and move it to the slat conveyors for distribution into the hopper.

A three-point suspension system consists of a hydraulic cylinder for each of the front wheels, and a pair of interconnected hydraulic cylinders for the two rear wheels. The cylinders adjust the height of the wheels, which in turn, changes the height of the machine.

Optional Equipment
  • Hydraulic pin push frame
  • Remixing discharge hopper
  • Ni-Hard floor plates
  • Wash down system w/ hose reel