Cable Pulling

6000 lbs. Cable Puller

  • Pull up to 6,500 lbs. (28.9 kN) with less than 27 lbs. (120 N) of operator effort
  • Unique floor mounting attachment for quick, reliable setup
  • Leaf-type mounting chains won't twist when tightening
  • Heat-treated steel serrated gripper feet for secure mounting to conduit
  • Force Gauge included to constantly monitor the pull
  • Right-angle sheave allows the operator to stand out of the direct line of force
  • Audio alarm high force warning and circuit breaker shut off at maximum force for added safety
  • Tapered capstan and patented rope guidance system for better control of the rope when feeding onto the capstan

8000 lbs. Cable Puller

Greenlee® Ultra Tugger® electric cable puller can be attached to 1" and larger conduit with no loose parts. Self-contained unit has an integral high-torque 2-speed motor, with included footswitch speed control. Circuit breaker on motor switch stops the puller motor if it becomes overloaded. Uses Greenlee 7/8" double-braided composite rope.

  • No-load pulling speed range: 16 fpm (high speed); 9 fpm at 8000 lb. (low speed)
  • Includes chain mount

3000 lbs. High Speed Cable Puller

Mantis Bender

Cable Ultra Feeder


Pulling Grips