Cable Pulling

8000 lbs. Cable Puller

  • Tapered capstan for rope alignment and to help avoid rope overlap

  • Built in force gauge

  • Right angle roller for operator safety

  • Circuit breaker to protect puller motor 

3000 lbs. High Speed Cable Puller

  • Mobile cart for easy mobility around jobsite

  • 8′ reach when fully extended

  • Quick release conduit couplings

  • Integral foot switch

10000 lbs. High Speed Cable Puller

  • Built-in force gauge with digital read out

  • Two speeds allow for fast pulling on low force pulls and increased torque for heavier pulls

  • Built-in foot switch



  • Pulls up to 20’ extra cable

  • 8,000 lb. pulling capacity

  • Fits through 32″ doorway

  • Snap-in couplings for quick and easy set-up


Cable Ultra Feeder

  • Feeds cable at variable speeds to match the speed of cable pulling tool

  • Accommodates cable ranging in size up to 3.5 IN (88.9mm) in diameter

  • Dual motors drive each wheel for traction on both sides of the cable

  • Comes with pendant and toggle switch 


Pulling Grips

  • These grips offer a Rotating Eye with Shoulders and Double Weave galvanized wire construction.

  • The shoulders help to protect the leading edge of the cable and this type should be used for heavy duty applications.

  • Various sizes available


Pulling Harness

  • Designed to pull in 2″ and larger conduit.

  • Harness legs are 1/4″ galvanized aircraft cable.

  • Staggered grips on each double leg harness to avoid interference with each other.

  • Grips have 5/8″ diameter opening and are supplied with 2 jam screws. 


Line Swivels

  • Constructed with a thrust bearing for tensile load and a radial bearing for bending load. They combine a high safe working load with a compact design.

  • Oil seal and are manufactured from high strength stainless steel.


Rope Swivel

  • Safe working load limit of 15000lbs.

  • This product is used to connect a swivel to pulling rope.

  • The entire product, including sheave, is manufactured from stainless steel.



  • ¾" AB-Double braided Polyester Rope with eyelets

  • 19000lb tensile strength

  • Available in 300ft, 600ft, and 1200ft. SALE ONLY

  • Special order lengths and diameters available.