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We’re here to support and service your Cat® Legacy Engines.

Thomas Klassen's wife, Ivy, approached Finning for help salvaging his beloved truck after they were told it wasn't worth the overhauling. We decided to partner with Caterpillar to replace the engine and give Thomas and his truck another million miles together.


Thousands of truck owners will put Cat to work in their operations this year. Cat’s powerful line-up leads the industry in technological advancement, low cost ownership, long life-to-overhaul and overhaul performance. You need solutions. We're here to help. 

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One of the many benefits of owning and operating a Cat On highway Engine is our extensive support network. Find your closest certified Cat engine service center.

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Dynamometer Services

Power or performance complaint? Noise under load? Nagging concern in the back or your mind? We have invested substantially in each dynamometer control system and other hardware to provide you with the most accurate information each and every use. This investment allows to provide you with the only Caterpillar Power Analysis Report (PAR) certified dynos west of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

There are three levels of dyno testing so that we may tailor our service to meet your needs:

Wheel Horsepower - A quick check to verify repairs and provide data for the customer and technicians.

Engine Condition - An inspection and dynamometer test which compares basic engine operation against manufacturer specifications.

Power Analysis Report - An extensive certified dynamometer test utilizing many computer controlled sensors and calculations to compare actual engine operation to industry and Government standards.

Chassis Dynamometer Testing Procedures

  • Setting up to test: Your truck is driven onto the SF601 Chassis dynamometer roll set. A set of tie downs are attached and the front wheels are locked in place with tie down straps anchored to the floor. Next the gravimetric fuel system is attached to measure fuel consumption and the API of your fuel automatically. The final step is to attach the required sensors to the engine. These include engine speed, pressure, temperature and a variety of other sensors.
  • Running the test: From the cab of your truck the operator will warm up the vehicle and use a hand held controller to select the parameters for the first test run. When the test has been selected, the operator follows the testing procedures prompted by the hand held controller. During these preprogrammed test runs, all the data necessary to diagnose your vehicle will be automatically collected and recorded. Fast, simple and computer accurate!
  • Analyzing the data: Your truck shop will discuss in detail and show you all the information and data that was collected during the test runs. They will discuss and compare the test data with your truck’s maintenance program and manufacturer’s specifications. They can provide any customer service or repairs your truck may require.

Benefits to Using Dynamometer Testing

  • Save down time
  • Eliminate testing errors
  • Pin point real problems
  • Simulate loaded conditions
  • Validate repairs
  • Improve maintenance programs
  • Improve resale value
  • Make sure of investments