Cat Dozer pushing dirt

Options for Aggregates

Shift after shift, aggregates work pushes your machines to the very limit. So you need tough ground engaging tools, matched to the job and built for the long run. Tools that can help you boost production, reduce operating costs and increase profit margins. You need GET from Caterpillar.

Wheel Loader Systems

In an aggregates operation, large wheel loaders work the face. Our complete Cat GET systems for loaders - including bucket edges, tips, adapters and segments - help your machines apply full force to the work while protecting components from the punishment of severe applications.

To protect critical wear areas, the Caterpillar exclusive Abrasion Resistant Material (A.R.M.) is available on a variety of wheel loader, track-type tractor, and loader GET.

The Rock Bucket System offers more strength and longer life in the toughest materials. Available with either a spade edge or straight edge, several configurations are available to match your job needs. A custom Rock Bucket System can be created by choosing from three types of weld-on adapters, each with a different tip position to control digging aggressiveness. This system is available for the 950-992 models.

The High Capacity Rock Bucket System, available on the 988F and 990, is similar to the Rock Bucket System. However, this system is over six inches (160 mm) wider, which provides better tire coverage and greater bucket capacity. It also has new shouldered adapters that provide increased strength and extended wear life.

The Heavy Duty Quarry Bucket System, available on the 980, 988, 990 and 992, is tailored specifically to large loaders working in high-impact and/or high-abrasion quarry applications where material weight is 2700 to 2800 pounds per cubic yard. A Heavy Duty Quarry Bucket is enhanced with a liner plus inner, outer, upper and lower side wear plates. These combine with bottom skid plates to shield high-wear areas and add strength. This high-production system delivers strength and durability while reducing downtime and operating costs in really tough applications.

The Heavy Duty Mining System is designed for greater protection in tough, high-abrasion applications. This system makes use of quick-change, bolt-on, and pin-on components - including independently attached edge covers - for high protection, optimum wear life and maximum uptime. This system is available for the 992 as a replacement for the Modulok System.

The 992 Mechanically Attached Adapter System (MAA) is designed to give versatility to machines in the field. The MAA has two tip options and no welded adapters. Independent pin-on components make for fast changes. The deep spade edge increases penetration to optimize work output.

The General Purpose Bucket System is designed to provide excellent loadability and long life in a broad range of applications, such as bank loading, excavating and stockpile loading. It provides a bucket that yields excellent breakout force. This bucket is available for 914-988 models and utilizes the Cat Corner Guard System of GET.

The Material Handling Bucket System is a flat bottom bucket with weld-on wear strips. It is designed primarily for loading out of a stockpile. This system is available for the 950-970 models.

The Cat Corner Guard System can reduce cutting edge costs by 25% over previous bolt-on edges, and increase base edge life by as much as five times over unprotected edge systems. It consists of end edges (either straight or angled) and two center edges. A Corner Guard tooth system can also be used on this edge system when better penetration is required.

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Excavator & Shovel Bucket Systems

Caterpillar Excavators and Front Shovels are built tough to deliver top production under the worst conditions an aggregates operation can dish out. To help maintain your high-production edge, your Cat dealer offers a variety of bucket system options and job-matched GET components.

General Purpose Buckets have an open tip radius to provide more capacity for a given width, and lighter, higher-strength structures to decrease load time and increase payloads.

Heavy Duty Rock Buckets offer special wear plates on the bottom and other key areas to provide more wear material and dent protection. Optional sidebar protectors decrease sidebar wear. This bucket is designed for the toughest applications.

Heavy Duty Buckets use thicker wear plates and base edges, plus upsize tips and adapters to provide greater impact and wear resistance. A shorter tip means more aggresive digging.

Heavy Duty Rock Ripping Buckets feature a stepped tooth design that applies the entire machine force to one or two teeth for maximum penetration in hard rock and virgin materials.


Excavator & Shovel Bucket Systems Components

  • Bucket Base Edges are available as one-piece assemblies, with weld-on adapters that accept the same tips used on Cat Loaders. Bulk section base edges without adapters are also available.
  • Side-cutters improve digging, increase bucket capacity and cutting width, and protect sidebars. They're available in five designs to match specific job conditions.
  • Sidebar Protectors are available for Excavator Buckets. These pin-on components extend sidebar life, eliminate bucket capacity loss due to sidebar scalloping and are reversible for extended service life.
  • Excavator Bucket Tips include all the tips available on wheel loaders, plus four other options Center/Corner Sharp, Wide, Twin Sharp and Penetration Long Life to help maximize productivity in any application.
  • Secondary Breakage Tools for machines equipped with Balderson Hammers are available in Blunt, Chisel, Moil and Spade profiles. We also offer a Compacting Plate for ground-compacting applications.

Front Shovel MEGS One-Piece Tip System
The Cat Mining Edge Guard System (MEGS) is a one-piece tip system that offers enhanced bucket protection and performance for the 5080 and 5110 Aggregates Front Shovels. This system of pin-on GET aids penetration and completely protects the sides and edges of the bucket, even between the bucket tips. All MEGS tips are made from DH-3 steel to resist softening in high-heat applications. MEGS pin-on components can be quickly changed or rotated on site for reduced downtime and optimal cost per ton.

This system includes tips that are top-pinned directly to the adapter for fast on-site replacements. To best suit a variety of applications, three options are available:

  • General Purpose Tip for use in general applications where high wear rates and breakage are not problems.
  • Penetration Tip for use in densely compacted or interlocked materials. It self-sharpens and delivers maximum penetration.
  • Short Tip for use in high-impact applications where breakage is a concern.

Edge Covers & Sidebar Protectors
Material applications that have a moderate-to-high wear rate require that buckets be outfitted with sidebar protectors and edge covers to preserve the cutting edge and bucket sides. Edge covers protect the edge, while sidebar protectors protect the corner and sides. Both are reversible to provide extended life and even wear.

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Support Machines

Track-type Tractors, Motor Graders and Scrapers do a variety of jobs around an aggregates site. Clearing, stripping, cleaning, smoothing, dozing, ripping all these operations demand Cat tough, job-matched ground engaging tools.

Track-Type Tractors
Dozer Heavy Duty GET is designed for D8, D9, D10, D11, 824, and 834 dozer blades. These tools have thicker edges and flush end bits for severe applications. They're intended primarily for push-dozing operations.

Edge and End Bit Systems

  • Dozer Cutting Edges, available for all Cat Dozers, are made from DH-2 steel for longer wear life in high- or low-impact applications.
  • Multi-Section Cutting Edges allow each section to be switched, propellered or replaced individually for top wear life. A choice of optional thicknesses for each dozer model lets you balance edge life and production.
  • Three End Bit Options protect blade corners. General Duty end bits preserve cutting edge corners in general dozing applications. Extended Wear Life end bits are best suited to highly abrasive conditions. Utility end bits help fight face wear and provide a lower initial price.

Blade Protection
Blade Protection Options include wear plates, push plates and wear bars to protect the blade in conditions that produce high abrasion, impact and push forces.

Efficient ripping requires not only tractive effort but also the correct ripping angle, the right number of shanks and the proper spacing. Cat job-matched GET help make your ripping more productive and cost-effective.

  • One-Piece Shanks for large production rippers offer improved heel clearance, plus more strength because thereâs no weld joint. Fully machined surfaces provide a tighter fit between shank, tip and protector for less movement and longer tip life.
  • Shank Protectors extend shank life on large production rippers. Multi-piece shank protectors are available for highly abrasive or deep ripping.
  • Ripper Tips for most big rippers come in both centerline and penetration styles, both with a center rib to add strength and promote self-sharpening. Centerline tips are reversible for longer life. Cat ripper tips come in a variety of lengths, including some with Abrasion Resistant Material for up to five times longer wear life in high abrasion/low-moderate impact conditions.
  • Replacement Adapters and Noses, available for most large ripper assemblies, reduce repair costs by eliminating the need to replace entire ripping assemblies. Damaged noses and adapters can be replaced separately.

Motor Graders
Motor Graders GET must stand up to the abuses of high speed, high abrasion and hard-packed surfaces. Cat grader tools are built to work productively and cost-effectively for the long run.

Motor Grader Cutting Edge Systems
come in three types. Flat edges are strongest and have the most wear material. Curved edges improve penetration. Serrated edges are best for penetrating frozen or hard-packed surfaces.

Moldboard End Bits protect the end of the moldboard from wear and damage. They're recommended for all applications.

Overlay End Bits protect cutting edge ends from excessive wear in applications that cause corners to wear first.

Ripper Tips augment the processing of surface material and help prepare work areas for loaders, trucks and other machinery.

Tungsten Carbide Motor Grader Cutting Edges feature tungsten carbide tiles brazed to the leading edge of a curved, steel cutting- edge base. They reduce cost per hour in highly abrasive, low-to-medium impact applications such as maintenance of unpaved, sand and gravel roads.

Scarifier Tips augment the processing of surface material in road work, and in preparing work areas for loaders, trucks and other equipment. They mount either ahead of the blade or on the rear of the machine.

Cat Grader Bit System
The grooming of roads on an aggregates operation can present its share of problems. This system penetrates compacted surfaces to a controlled depth. It also eliminates ruts and potholes, and easily clears ice and compacted snow.

Cat Grader Bits mount on adapters that bolt to the moldboard. Wide spaces allow adequate flow-through of large aggregate. Tips are made of hard tungsten carbide for long life in tough conditions.

A variety of tip and adapter options can be tailored to specific conditions. Standard GraderBits provide optimum penetration and flow-through of fines, producing a textured surface. Alternating Standard and Wide GraderBits leaves smaller gaps, screening out smaller material and creating a smoother surface.

The complete line of Caterpillar scraper cutting edges and router bits includes a variety of arrangements and options to match any aggregates application.

Cutting Edges are available in two arrangements for most machines Stinger and Level Cut. An Elevating Scraper Tooth Arrangement is also an option, along with an Integrated Tooth Design for the Cat 623, 633 and 639. You can choose from a number of edge thicknesses. Thinner edges provide greater penetration, while thicker edges offer more wear material and impact resistance.

Router Bits are used on all scrapers to protect the corners of the bowl from excessive wear. We offer two types of router bits - Standard for general use, and Heavy Duty for use on larger scrapers working in highly abrasive conditions. Both types are reversible for additional wear life.

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