Ground Engaging Tools Motor Graders.

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Cat® motor graders are designed to achieve a highly accurate fine grade. Able to produce inclined and cambered side slopes, as well as flat surfaces, motor graders are used in everything from the creation of dirt and gravel haul roads, the preparation of the base course for paved roads, through to the leveling of native soils and gravel foundations in construction applications.

As with excavators, wheel loaders and dozers, selecting the right G.E.T. for your motor grader is key to enhancing productivity and reliability. The wide curved blade pushes and carries material, leveling the ground as it goes to provide the rolling action necessary for fine grading and finishing work. The flat blade provides maximum strength for heavy road maintenance and pioneering, while the rear ripper loosens rocky or compacted material to make grading easier. Only by balancing the performance of each will optimum efficiency be achieved.

Choosing the right edge for the job.

Road Development and heavy maintenance


The best option for abrasion and impact resistance, flat edges offer maximum strength and available wear material.

Grading hard-packed material


Flat and curved edges are both available with a serrated finish, which improves penetration in hard-packed materials such as gravel, frozen earth and ice.

Reconditioning or finishing existing surfaces


With finishing tolerances less than 1/4” (6 mm), curved edges provide superior penetration and rolling action for fine grading and finishing.

A comprehensive range of protection tools.

Graderbit System

Designed to smooth out the toughest roads in a single pass. Tungsten carbide serrated bits last longer and work harder than steel blades.

Miningbit System

Made for large motor graders (16M and 24M). Double carbide bits provide the extra edge needed for the most extreme applications.

Rotating bit System

Made for moving snow, ice, dirt and gravel. Carbide bits can last as long as 5-10 sets of conventional grader blades.

Endbit System

Made from through-hardened DH-2 steel to maximize strength and service life. Protects moldboard edges to reduce wear.

Ripper-Scarifier System

Designed to loosen material, fill voids, and reduce crowning. Saves grading time and minimizes edge wear.

Upgrade your G.E.T.

Abrasion Resistant Material (A.R.M.)

Ideal for high-abrasion, low-to-moderate impact applications such as working in sand or gravel. Our A.R.M. coating is made of extremely hard tungsten carbide particles, which form a protective shield over key wear surfaces.

Extend wear life

Coated products last three to five times longer.

Lower costs per hour

Self-sharpening wear pattern reduces change-outs.

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