Cat Pavers and Asphalt Planers

Options for Paving

Cat now offers more GET for more types of paving machines, including:

  • Cutter Bits - Nine types of cutter bits for Cold Planers, Road Reclaimers and Pavement Profilers
  • Weld-on Cutter Bit Holders and Mounting Blocks - For most general applications
  • Quick Change Cutter Bit Holders and Mounting Blocks - For easy, no-weld replacement in the field
  • Soil Stabilizer Tools - Chopper Blades, Straight Tools and Quick Change Tools

Pavement Cold Planer Cutter Bits

Caterpillar offers a choice of bits for cold planers and road reclaimers. Cat bits feature long-wearing carbide for reduced tip fracture and extended life ... superior steel for shank impact resistance .. long retainers for easy installation/removal and longer bore holder life.

  • Standard Asphalt Cutter Bit - 3/4"
  • Flared Asphalt Cutter Bit - 3/4"
  • Heavy Duty Concrete Bit - 3/4"
  • Smaller Diameter Concrete Bit - 3/4"
  • High Abrasion Cold Planer Bit - 3/4"
  • High Penetration Cold Planer Bit - 3/4"
  • Conical Bit - 7/8"
  • Carbide Edged Bit - 7/8"
  • Conical Wide Diameter Carbide Bit - 1"

Cutter Bit Holders and Mounting Blocks

  • Standard - Holder accepts all makes of cutter bits and welds to mounting block. Dowel pins help assure proper alignment.
  • Quick Change - Holder can be inserted quickly and easily. No welding needed in the field. To replace, remove a single bolt.
  • Heavy Duty - Holder has added steel in high-wear areas and protects weld areas from wear.
  • Cold Planer Edges are made of heat-treated high carbon steel to scrape material from the pavement. They are bolted to the rear side of the drum housing.

Soil Stabilizer Tools

Cat Soil Stabilizer Tools are built to the highest quality standards for maximum service life. They are available for all Cat Soil Stabilizers as well as older Raygo and Bros. machines.

  • Chopper Blades - Best for blending additives with cohesive clay soils. Choose from two blades: Standard hardened steel blades or carbide-faced blades with up to 20 times longer life.
  • Straight Tools - Ideal for blending additives with granular or sandy soils.
  • Quick Change Tools - Depending on the job, Quick Change Tools can offer up to six times longer life. Plus, it takes only a fourth of the time to change the tools as it does to change the chopper rotor. Standard hardened steel tools are best for most applications. In low-to-moderate impact conditions, choose carbide-faced tools for maximum wear life.