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Preventive Maintenance

Protect your investment by servicing your equipment correctly and on time. With proper servicing, your equipment will have better availability and lower operating costs.

How Does Preventive Maintenance Help?

Improved Machine Availability
With a regular PM inspection program small problems are found before becoming major repairs. This allows these repairs to be scheduled at times convenient to your workload, thus increasing the machines' availability.

Lower Overall Operating Cost
A well-maintained machine operates better and longer between major repairs. By keeping the machine in good operating condition, repairs usually cost less and are required less often.

Identifies Required Minor Repairs
Regular PM servicing will identify minor inexpensive repairs before they become major expensive repairs.

Machine Condition Is Known
The true condition of the machine is always known, which allows the owner to make better decisions regarding the equipment.

Guaranteed PM Rates
All PM inspections are the same cost, regardless of the Finning facility performing the services, and prices are in effect for a period of one year from the agreement date.

Higher Trade In Value
A well-maintained machine with good record keeping of services and repairs usually has a higher trade in value.

View Preventive Maintenance Products for Cat® Natural Gas Engines Brochure (PDF 302KB)

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