Improve Operator Performance

Improve Operator Performance

Develop operator capabilities through training and technology

Your operators can make all the difference to a jobsite, its overall performance, safety and efficiency. Supporting and developing your operators at every skill level is therefore essential to increasing the productivity achieved on the jobsite.

With a global shortage of experienced operators and an aging operator community, investing time in their training is vital; combined with enhanced digital capabilities through new technologies, Caterpillar and Trimble use new technologies and enhanced digital capabilities to train your people, making them more valuable than ever.

Watch as Women Building Futures learns what it's like to sit in the front seat of a 45-tonne truck using virtual reality.

Technology can be a gamechanger for your business, giving you the edge you need over your competitors. Download this free whitepaper to learn how Trimble Earthworks changed how Finning customer Kon Construction does business. 

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Use Data to Your Advantage

  • Expert advice on using asset data to identify training opportunities to improve your operators’ performance
  • Ongoing performance reporting and benchmarking to monitor operator progress 

Because we support customers in a wide variety of applications across the world, we have captured equipment performance data from thousands of different jobsites. By analyzing this data, our experts can work with your experts on a whole range of machine technology solutions that can identify training and improve operator performance.

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Productivity Solutions

  • Learn how to align and fleet match assets to get optimal productivity from every operator
  • Monitor performance to drive continuous operator performance  and site efficiency

Increase your productivity through effective fleet matching and proper fleet operations. Our Finning Productivity experts can match your equipment and technologies to support best operator performance.

Improve your operator's performance dramatically with specific training focused on optimizing these technologies.

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Safety Solutions

  • Technology solutions to keep your operators safe
  • Supporting your safety-first culture

Operator fatigue and distraction is a very real safety concern faced by many site managers today. We support more customers than ever before with advice and technology-driven Cat® Safety solutions, protecting operators and driving a safety‑first culture.

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