Prevent Collisions & Accidents

Know your surroundings and be aware of risks to keep your people safe

No matter what the size or scale of a project is, there is always a risk of collision. What steps can you take to minimize your risks?

Cat Detect – Proximity Detection System

Our Detect for Personnel determines the temporary, dynamic dangerous work zone. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is placed within your protective equipment such as safety vests or hard hats, and an antenna is installed in equipment to communicate with the RFID tags. If one of your operators reverses a piece of equipment installed with an antenna, they will be alerted inside the cab with a visual and audible alarm when a ground worker is behind them. Some key benefits:

  • Any equipped vehicle will detect ground workers on any job site that are wearing a equipped safety vest or hard hat
  • No false alarms – only detects objects that are tagged with RFID
  • Personnel detection regardless of if they're upright, crouching, lying or sitting down.

Next Generation Detection

Our newest excavators showcase some seriously cool technology. What we're talking about is the ability to geo-fence everything you do with these machines. Want to set swing heights to avoid hitting something nearby? No problem. Need to dig to a certain depth with no room for error? Done. Like we said, seriously cool. 

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