Keep your equipment healthy

Improve Your Equipment Health

Avoid Machine Downtime with Advanced Service & Repair Insights

Keeping your equipment running is a top priority to keep you successful. Our Performance Solutions can help you proactively identify and service your fleet before failure occurs. Keep your equipment where it belongs - working hard.

Remote Fleet Monitoring

On-Machine Telemetry Device

Our remote fleet monitoring solution uses a combination of on-machine hardware and programmable software to collect and analyze data from each of your machines, delivering a full picture of the fleet's performance. By reporting on fuel consumption, stop/start patterns, idle and operational time, it builds up a unique history of each machine. And that's where we come in to help you optimize the performance of your machines. Our remote fleet monitoring focuses on five major things:

  • Monitoring Assets - where and what is your equipment doing?
  • Inspections - take control of your machines with on the spot inspections.
  • Fluid Analysis - your fluids are the lifeblood of your machines, stay informed.
  • Repair History - easily reference previous repairs.
  • Site conditions - work smarter, not harder...know your site.


Fluid Sampling and Analysis

Fluid Analysis

Fluid analysis allows us to look inside your machine to understand key component wear. We use advanced lab equipment to measure levels in your different fluids, like engine and hydraulic oils. With machines covered by a Customer Support Agreement (CSA) checked every 250 hours, results can be compared and trend analysis undertaken, to detect potential problems early. ​ Fluid analysis results are also combined with other health and inspection information, giving us an important view of your equipment health, helping you make decisions on preventative maintenance.​

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