MineStar Fleet

A real-time tool for enhancing asset and operational performance

The real-time information delivered by MineStar Fleet, tells you exactly what's going on in your mine, from machine utilization and health, to the movement of material against the daily plan. This real-time vision of a site’s operation helps to improve both the productivity and efficiency of each asset, optimizing your overall performance. 

Fleet allows you to configure a solution to meet your mine’s specific needs, by utilizing one or more of its five capability packages:

  • Production – Delivers real-time visibility of production operations, improved shovel loading performance, and increased payload predictability.
  • Position and Material – Monitors material movement, type, and location, to ensure your material gets to the proper location.
  • Assignment and Optimization – Schedules and assigns trucks, maximizes utilization and production, while minimizing truck wait time and managing shift changes.
  • Data Share – Enables your fleet to share data and information with other electronic mine management systems, so you can easily see what’s going on.
  • Multi-Site – Gives your mine operators the ability to manage multiple mine operations and associated fleets, from a single control centre.

Minestar Fleet for Underground

Fleet for Underground

Is your mine as integrated as it could be? With Minestar Fleet for Underground, you can manage your mine more seamlessly and efficiently. 

  • Know where your equipment is and when it's delayed or idled
  • Prioritize and plan tasks 
  • Communicate and report in real-time
  • Take advantage of proximity awareness and detection

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