MineStar Terrain

High-precision management of drilling, dragline, grading and loading operations 

Managing multiple operations and equipment across a mine requires accuracy, safety and planning. Using MineStar Terrain and our expert knowledge of mining operations, you can combine onboard, in-cab and GPS enabled technologies to improve your equipment's performance.

Because information is collected in real-time, a wealth of management data on machine locations and operational status is available, to keep your people safe, while ensuring work plans are delivered. With so many capabilities, the MineStar Terrain solution, combined with our expert support, can also start the journey to autonomy. 

Terrain for Loading

Terrain for Loading

Your load rates can make all the difference. Even a 5% difference in the amount of material you move can determine whether your project is profitable or not. With Terrain for Loading, you'll have real-time data available to you in the cab - telling you everything from bucket positioning and bench height to the amount of material cut an filled. Load right the right time.

Terrain for Loading

Terrain for Grading

Grading is all about moving material as efficiently as possible, minimizing the number of passes you take. Do your operators have the right tools to achieve this. With Terrain for Grading, your Scrapers, Dozers and Graders will be optimized for your operators' success.  Take the next step by enabling them with the right technology. 

Terrain for Loading

Terrain for Drilling

Precision makes a big difference when it comes to drilling. With the right angle, depth and hole - your drilling site becomes safer and more productive. Terrain for Drilling helps you achieve this by giving you the precision guidance to complete patterns as accurately as possible. 

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