High-performance cutting and mulching of vegetation and overgrowth.

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Overall Width 40.4 in 1026.0 mm
Working Width 32.2 in 818.0 mm
Length 28.1 in 714.0 mm
Overall Height 41.9 in 1065.0 mm
Weight 1080.3 lb 490.0 kg
Drive Method V-Belt Drive V-Belt Drive
Motor Dual Speed Axial Piston Dual Speed Axial Piston
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow Standard Flow
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 70-130 L/min (18-34 gpm) 70-130 L/min (18-34 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 150-250 bar (2175-3626 psi) 150-250 bar (2175-3626 psi)
Drum Speed 2770-2890 RPM 2770-2890 RPM
Fixed Teeth per Drum 15 15
Maximum Cutting Diameter 120-200 mm (5-8 in) 120-200 mm (5-8 in)


Use Mulchers for brush clearing, vegetation management, reclaiming untitled land, environmental maintenance, shredding pruned material and organic waste for biomass production.

Variable Displacement Piston Motor

When motor pressure approaches a stall condition, the motor displacement will change to provide high torque at low speed to power through material with reduced risk of stalling. The motor automatically switches the displacement back for high speed operation once the material is cleared.

Balanced Drum

Mulching drum weighted for maximum mulching performance and smooth operation. Staggered tooth design allows for only one tooth to contact material at all times for efficient cutting performance.

Cat® XTC Hydraulic Hoses

Quick disconnect hydraulic lines allow for easy tool swapping. Case drain line improves motor life and protects internal motor components. Spiral wrapped hose protection helps protects the hydraulic lines during use.

Dual Hydraulic Doors

Standard dual hydraulic doors (front and back) allow for debris to be recirculated through drum longer for a finer finished product.

Integrated Stand

Integrated stand eases access for attachment and removal. Allows mulcher to sit flat for storage.

Rear Chain Guard

Rear chain guard limits the amount of debris thrown behind the machine.

Bolt-on Replaceable Skid Shoes

Bolt-on replaceable skid shoes are reinforced and built to last, yet easily replaceable as needed.

Tool Mounted Operation and Maintenance Manual Holder

Tool mounted and sealed from the elements, this holder includes all of the operation manuals and maintenance guides required for proper operation of the work tool.