The Cat® CTS Series Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS)is configurable for applications requiring the dependability and ease of operation found in a full featured power contactor type transfer switch.
The CTS Series is equipped with the MX250 controller that is designed for the most demanding transfer or bypass switch applications.

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Technical Summary
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Rating Range 40 to 4000A 40 to 4000A
Transfer Type Open transition Open transition
Switch Type Contactor Based Contactor Based

Performance Features

  • Contact transfer speed less than 100 milliseconds
  • High close-in and withstand capability
  • Temperature rise test per UL 1008 conducted after overload and endurance tests in unventilated enclosure – exceeds UL requirements
  • Equipped with the MX250 Control Package

Design and Construction Features

  • Double throw, interlocked operation
  • Electrically operated, mechanically held by a simple, over-center mechanism
  • Silver alloy contacts with separate arcing contacts on 600 amp and above
  • Arc quenching grids, enclosed arc chambers, and wide contact air gap for superior source to- source isolation on all units
  • Control circuit disconnect plug and drive inhibit switch for safe maintenance
  • Components accessible for inspection and maintenance without removal of the switch or the power conductors
  • Mechanical indicator and contact chamber cover designed for inspection, safety and position designation

CTS Series Automatic Transfer Switch Standard Equipment

The Cat CTS Series of Automatic Transfer Switches
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  • The Cat CTS Series power contactor type transfer switch makes use of a fully programmable / configurable microprocessor-based controller to allow the utmost in application flexibility. Further, the CTS Series is offered in a wide array of configurations enabling it to meet the needs of even the most highly critical load.Available configurations include: