Finning Dozer and Compactor pushing dirt


Why Rent?

In today’s challenging business environment, our customers increasingly rely on rental equipment to meet peak production demands and deal with equipment shortages. Renting allows you to conserve cash, try new equipment/technology, maintain fixed cash flow, and optimize equipment costs through large and complex projects. If you’re wondering whether to rent, we can help. Renting is a great option if you want newer, more reliable equipment with the latest technology without having to make a major capital investment. This allows you to get started in business or use your capital for other business needs that will lead to higher profitability. 

Renting also makes sense if you want to reduce maintenance costs, as we do all maintenance for you through custom-built service packages. In addition, it can completely eliminate storage costs—just give us a call and we’ll pick up the equipment, or simply drop it off when you’re finished with it. Another great reason to rent—you can try before you buy! If you’re not sure a certain piece of equipment is right for you, rent a similar machine from our extensive inventory and give it a try. If you decide to buy, ask us about attractive financing options and equipment protection plans that make it easy to own the best-quality rental equipment available.


A Look Inside Canada's Rental Industry 

Learn how we’re putting a focus on offering cutting-edge technology to our rental customers as a way for you to grow your business.

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