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Trench Shoring

Designed To Fit Your Unique Job

Increase productivity, ensure underground safety, and avoid costly downtime with The Cat Rental Store's trench shoring rentals. Our shoring specialists are always on hand to help you find cost-effective, customized solutions for your excavation requirements. Work in Western Canada can be difficult, but with our expertise and full range of versatile and innovative trench shoring products like trench boxes, road plates, lite shields and more, we will assemble the best solution for your project for both cost efficiency and, most importantly, your safety.

Suspended Trench Shoring Module

The Most Efficient Shoring System On The Market

The GroundWorks Gravity Lock Trench Shoring System - Assembled Or Disassembled In Under 15 Minutes
GroundWorks Trench Shoring System - Pre-lock

Designed to keep workers out of the line of fire.

Under 15 minutes to assemble. Under 15 minutes to disassemble.

Accumulated saving of time & money with 1 machine, 1 operator & 1 worker.

Reduces the size of the equipment needed to handle the trench box.

We have taken one of the most difficult and dangerous products to work with in the shoring industry and made it our simplest and safest to use. The most hazardous part of using the traditional high arch is flipping the trench box during both the assembly and the disassembly stage. The GroundWorks High Arch simply lifts together and engages the Gravity Locks before any workers enter the area. To disassemble, a worker unlocks the Gravity Locks at eye level. A machine then picks up one side of the trench box allowing a controlled descent to the ground. This is safely achieved by large internal shocks in the High Arch System.

GroundWorks Trench Shoring System being lifted
GroundWorks Trench Shoring System locked in place

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