Product Link New Generation, PL6xx Service Training

Course Date

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Course Length



This 2 days course will focus on the Pro PL631, PL641, and Elite PLE631, PLE641, PL601 & PL702 hardware, their features, their proper installation into machines, or engines as well as their proper flashing, configuration, basic registration and troubleshooting after installation.

PPE Required

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, masks to be worn in the classroom for times when physical distancing cannot be maintained.


DPC Web based training PL6xx hardware (42926) is recommended.

Participants will need:
• Access to a laptop with wireless access (minimum of CAT ET 2020A or better)
• Comm Adapter 3
• #425-6889 or #305-5528 ethernet service cable (also called “VIMS cable”)


Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe the hardware differences between satellite and cellular options as well as between the Pro- and the Elite- options.  

  • Describe the overall differences between the various subscription levels of the PL-equipped assets. 

  • Install and configure after-market systems and upgrade existing systems.  

  • Launch a proper registration process for both cellular or satellite systems via ET.

  • Validate their PL-kit installations using ET & Service Dashboard applications.  

  • Troubleshoot basic wiring, power, and communication problems.

  • Demonstrate how to use Vision Link:

o View some data from supported hardware in Vision Link Unified Suites applications.

o Configure on-board devices…