Tier 4 Emissions Introduction

Course Date

Coming Soon

Course Length



Course Length: 1 day (8 hrs/day)

Participants will be provided with a high level view of the North American Emissions directive and the solutions Caterpillar has developed for many common models of equipment – starting with Tier 1 and working through to Tier 4 Final.

PPE Required

None required. All in class learning.




After completion of the course the participant will have a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Tier 1, 2, 3, 4 Interim / Final implementation timelines 

  • Types of emissions that are being controlled / reduced

  • Which models of Cat engines that are T4I / T4F emission compliant

  • The principles of operation of the NOX Reduction System (NRS)

  • The principles of operation of the fuel systems for the C6.6 / C7.1 / C9.3 engines and how they are interconnected to the Cat Regeneration System (CRS)

  • The CRS and the differences between T4 Interim (DOC/DPF) and T4 Final (SCR/AMOX)

  • Basic construction / function of a T4 Interim Clean Emissions Module (CEM) – this will be reinforced by disassembling and reassembling a T4 Interim CEM (if time allows)