Grade Assist Training

The standard Grade Assist adds semi-autonomous digging to the standard Grade with 2D and works with the optional Grade with Advanced 2D and Grade with 3D upgrades to boost your operator efficiency. Grade Assist is an operator aid that automates boom and bucket movements for more accurate cuts with both standard and rotating attachments.

Simply set the depth and slope into the monitor and activate single-lever digging. Get more done with less effort through the automated adjustments of the system for simple speed control.

Grade Assist: Boom

Grade Assist automatically controls the boom movement to allow operators to get to grade quickly, and stay on grade with greater accuracy. The operator has full control of the stick function to adjust start/stop and grading speed. The system is further enhanced by three pre-defined settings that balance speed and accuracy depending on the application need.

Grade Assist: Grade with 2D

Grade with 2D is a depth and slope system with optional laser capability. It helps the operator work more efficiently due to increased speed to grade, greater accuracy and less reliance on ground labour. Overall benefit is increased productivity and lower operating costs.

Grade Assist: Grade with Advanced 2D

Grade with Advanced 2D has the additional functionality of in-field design on a second high resolution 10” touchscreen monitor. This allows the operator to easily create and edit grade designs, in real time, from the comfort of the cab.

Grade Assist: Grade with 3D

Grade with 3D is available as an option from the factory for the 320 and 323 or can be added in the field. Working in full 3D can help customers maximise productivity and jobsite efficiency when working to more complex designs often found on large infrastructure, civil, heavy highway and commercial site projects.