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Investing in Technology products is just the first step toward unlocking business value

Through a comprehensive range of training opportunities, including web-based, instructor-led, virtual reality, and on-the-job courses, we empower individuals to enhance safety, reduce costs, improve productivity, and boost efficiency.

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Our training programs are meticulously designed, taking into account the unique requirements of site and dealership job roles. We ensure that users are trained to be effective and efficient in their daily work, armed with the knowledge to make the most of our suite of products—Fleet, Terrain, Detect, Health, and Command. Whether you choose a combination of courses or individual modules, our flexible scheduling options accommodate your operational needs, providing the necessary flexibility and scalability to enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety. Together, let's unleash the full potential of Technology to drive your business forward.


The Technology Solutions Training offers training and resources to clients, dealers, and in-house staff on the use and maintenance of Cat® MineStar Technology. Their range of training options includes eLearning, instructor-led sessions, and on-the-job training, which can be tailored to your specific needs based on role, product, and skill level. The training materials are designed to be interactive and engaging, with a mix of videos, workbooks, simulators, and virtual reality experience.

command command

Command consolidates the necessary technologies to integrate mining systems that operate autonomously, semi-autonomously, or remotely. It has been demonstrated to work harmoniously with all mining site operations, machinery, and staff, enabling greater safety and efficiency.

Command for Hauling

  • Simulation School
  • Service

Command for Dozing

  • Remote Control
  • Operator Station
  • Semi-Autonomous (SATS)
fleet fleet

Fleet improves the administration of equipment operations, regardless of the type, whether on a single site or multiple sites. It allows for more comprehensive perspectives and assessments by generating reports on selected groups of assets or individual machines.

Fleet Office

  • Controller
  • Builder

Fleet Service

terrain terrain

Terrain provides robust instruments that assist in various tasks, including drill planning, blasting, ore control, and mine planning. These tools empower more prompt and efficient fact-based management of all drilling, grading, and loading activities.

Terrain for Grading and Loading (G&L)

  • Office
  • Operator
  • Service

Terrain for Drilling

  • Office
  • Operator
  • Service

Command for Hauling

Types of training

Web Based

Web-based training, known as eLearning, is a highly flexible method of learning that enables users to access educational content through videos, interactive digital courses, and other media formats on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Typically focused on foundational-level content, this training option offers the utmost portability and convenience. Our  eLearning resources is primarily accessible via the Mining Technology Academy (MTA), which can be found at

Instructor Led

Instructor-led courses are led by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and offer users the opportunity to learn alongside others in a classroom setting, utilizing standardized learning materials. Our instructor-led training programs include interactive system exercises designed to prepare users for practical, real-world application of the products.

Practical Training

Practical training, also referred to as on-the-job training, involves gaining hands-on experience in a real-world setting. Upon completion of their training, users are encouraged to participate in practical, on-the-job shadowing to become familiar with site-specific procedures and apply what they have learned to their workplace.

training delivered at convenient locations

training delivered at convenient locations training delivered at convenient locations


Simulation Simulation

Simulation training offers a more advanced approach to classroom learning, allowing users to put their knowledge into practice in an environment that replicates mine control operations. This type of training enables users to make errors and gain experience with the system without risking any adverse impact on live production environments.

Virtual Reality Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

VR technology in training brings about a significant enhancement by immersing learners in a realistic simulated environment. It minimizes equipment downtime while still allowing learners to acquire hands-on experience, ensuring that learners are not deprived of the opportunity to learn and gain experience while maintaining production operations.

construction technology


CAT® Command Operator Training is specifically designed to equip operators with the necessary skills to operate Cat® Command remote control and non line of site solutions. This training is an essential for Cat Command, as it plays a vital role in ensuring successful station operation, particularly for customers who are new to Cat Command technology for construction industries. Even for customers who have previously purchased Cat Command technology for construction industries, this course is still highly recommended.


Command for Loading – Operator

  • Remote Control
  • Remote Station

Command for Excavating – Operator

  • Remote Control
  • Remote Station

Command for Dozing – Operator

  • Remote Control
  • Remote Station

Customized Learning

Like all organizations, each company has its own distinct vision, as well as unique hurdles and enablers that affect its progress. The Technology Solutions team will collaborate with you to create personalized learning programs that cater to your specific challenges, align with your goals, and give you and your team a competitive edge. Our team has a distinguished track record of providing specialized solutions across  the various forms of Cat Technology. This enables your employees to acquire the essential skills needed to succeed in the modern business world.

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