3 Reasons to Rent a Cat® Skid Steer this Winter

15 November 2020

For most of us Canadians, snow removal is part of winter. You may not know that one of the best pieces of equipment for removing heavy snow is a Cat® skid steer. Here’s what a skid steer rental can do for you:

Make your life easier

When there’s a storm coming, knowing you can rent a Cat skid steer gives you peace of mind. And because skid steers are compact, they can be used on all kinds of sites.

You also have access to a broad range of attachments, allowing you to customize the skid steer loader to meet your needs. Box plows and snow throwers are two winter attachments you’ll want to consider. They’re designed to move large amounts of snow quickly. Using snow removal attachments designed to work also means you don’t have to use salt to melt large amounts of ice, which is better for the environment.

Boost your productivity and performance

Skid steers are better than trucks when it comes to removing ice and heavy snow, helping you get the job done much more quickly. The time they save you is time in which you can be productive and generate more income. And everyone knows a skid steer is going to perform well. These durable pieces of equipment do well under the harshest conditions.

Boost your productivity and performance

Save you money

You may not want to invest in buying a skid steer to use only in the winter months. That’s why renting is a great option. Renting a Cat skid steer allows you to pay for a snow blower only when you need it. When the snow stops falling, just take it back and save on storage costs. You’ll also have us behind you providing maintenance, repairs, and technical support, all of which can also help you save money.

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