Equipment Rental News: How to Make Your Jobsite More Flexible

7 May 2021

As a small-business owner, you need the right equipment at the right time and the right price. Here’s some equipment rental news: renting can help you achieve all three of these objectives, plus make your jobsite more flexible.

Renting helps you keep your costs as low as possible while increasing productivity. Just as importantly, it allows you to respond to changes on the jobsite quickly. If something unexpected comes up, you can easily get the specialized piece of equipment you need.

While there are benefits to owning equipment, it also costs money. When you own, you’re responsible for transportation, maintenance, repairs, and storage. Large down payments may negatively impact cash flow, and wear and tear can lead to loss in value. When it comes to a particular jobsite, you may simply not need the specialized equipment over the long term.

The rental advantage

Equipment rental companies have realized the importance of giving small-business owners access to the equipment they need when they need it. Today you can choose from a large inventory of products that are in stock, ready to be delivered to your jobsite.

Rental equipment is kept in top condition and comes with the latest technology. Technology is increasingly important because it helps reduce costs, increase production, and improve safety. When you’ve got technologically advanced machines on your jobsite, you can monitor usage, remotely train operators, and track down any equipment that is lost or stolen.

Another advantage to
renting is that you can trust the experts to help you understand and use the data generated by the technology. GPS, connectivity, grade control, telematics, and machine monitoring are great to have—as long as you know what they’re telling you from a maintenance and performance perspective. Parts, maintenance, and scheduled service are all tied to analytics. Thanks to technology, they can be managed to reduce downtime and identify productivity problems before they become expensive.

With brand-new next-generation, emission-compliant equipment rentals, you can
test new technologies without committing to ownership. You’ll likely discover that technology helps get the job done faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy.

Your equipment rental partner

Your equipment rental partner can help you plan for your equipment needs to meet the demands of the jobsite. We can offer a variety of solutions, from ordering parts and attachments and creating on-site fuelling, service, and maintenance plans, to delivering and picking up your equipment. This allows you to do more on the jobsite without having to purchase new equipment or worry about additional costs.

Equipment rental can give you the assurance of reliable equipment and greater control over operations while eliminating uncontrolled costs and managing regular upkeep. Knowing your overall equipment costs can make budgeting and estimating more accurate, while guaranteed uptime keeps your jobs on time and on budget.

Our experts have the equipment rental news you want to hear.
Talk to us about your needs on the jobsite, and we’ll develop a plan to make renting flexible and profitable.

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