Choose Rental for Convenience, Flexibility, and Reliability

28 May 2021

COVID-19 changed how every industry operates. Rental equipment is no exception with additional procedures required to keep people safe and businesses running.

More than a year into the pandemic, your rental dealer should have all the necessary steps in place to still provide the flexibility, convenience and peace of mind you need. Here’s how:

1. Ensure the right procedures are in place

Make sure your dealer has invested in the tools and measures to operate rental branches safely. Dealers should clearly outline their procedures to address all identifiable risks making a safe environment for customers and employees their number-one priority. This includes posting signage for safety protocols and ensuring employees are following new processes for cleaning and sanitizing equipment, including last-touch disinfecting. Plexiglass dividers should be installed between customers and staff where required, personal protective equipment and designated rooms for quarantine provided.

2. Use technology to reduce the number of staff on site

Technology has been one of the best solutions to come out of the pandemic integrating all information, processes, software systems and equipment.

Work with your dealer to ensure you have access to the right technology to provide in-depth views into the activity on your jobsite. Telematics will help you gain insights into equipment health, including personalized maintenance reports, fuel efficiency, equipment tracking, data collection on operator behaviour and maintenance support to reduce downtime. Use remote monitoring on rental equipment to stay on top of the equipment health to and determine scheduling of essential repairs and maintenance.

3. Take advantage of online tools and digital training opportunities

Virtual training tools, videos and meetings keep people and teams connected and up to speed, reducing on-site visits and the time needed for training.

Virtual training offers operators the same experience they would if they were on a site, but from a safe and controlled environment. Online business tools like social media are also becoming more common and can help you search for equipment online and initiate connections with a new dealer.

4. Ensure your dealer is connected to online platforms

A must have for any dealer, digital tools help you track and monitor equipment, check the status of ordered parts and help streamline your business process.

Online equipment rentals can provide the right convenience while keeping face-to-face interactions to a minimum. This means you can access immediate quotes without having to search through multiple listings or call numerous vendors. It can also save administrative time by keeping everything in one place, including order information and rental history, allowing you to quickly modify your fleet to stay on top of business needs.

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5. Work with your dealer to develop a rental strategy that works

When you have varying daily, weekly and monthly needs, equipment availability and utilization are key. The right equipment, available at the right time and the right cost helps you balance workflow and allows you to scale up or down as needed, and as a result, reduce your risks.

Your dealer should understand your business needs, provide suggestions, advice and help you develop an overall fleet strategy that works for you.

6. Stay optimistic!

Last year presented the rental industry with a lot of challenges and opportunities to think of new ways to do business. Having been through ups and downs before, the rental industry rose to the challenge and came out on the other side. For future success, ensure your dealer provides access to the right equipment and technology to help keep your operations running while allowing you to stay flexible as business demands change.

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