8 Maintenance Products to Keep Your Machine Moving

17 June 2019

Your equipment is an investment. You expect it to work whenever and wherever it’s needed. Similar to how you depend on these assets, they rely on quality maintenance products to perform under pressure.

1. Oils

Good quality oil is developed and tested to provide the full performance and service life that has been designed and built into your piece of equipment. Ensure you’re testing your oil and doing oil changes at regular intervals to keep your machine running smoothly. The bottom line is that using oils properly in your machine is going to boost your bottom line. Oils can extend change intervals, reduce risks, protect your equipment and save you money.

2. Ultra-High Efficiency Air Filters

Good quality engine air filters are essential to your equipment’s health and performance. They work by:

  • Capturing damaging debris from intake air

  • Protecting critical engine components

  • Providing the lowest operating cost  

It’s important to remember the filter with the lowest price isn’t always the lowest cost option. A filter that provides better protection can significantly reduce your costs by extending engine life and minimizing the costs associated with a rebuild.

In order to reduce your overall operating cost, you should look at all of the costs associated with your engine air filter:

  • Filter costs. How much do you have to pay for the filter, and how frequently do you have to replace it?

  • Repair and rebuild costs (Parts, labor and downtime). How well does the filter protect your engine?

3. Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic Filters are designed to:

  • Maximize hydraulic oil cleanliness

  • Meet expected oil change intervals

  • Provide the best machine system protection available

While a filter choice may not seem like a major decision, the wrong filter can accelerate wear and damage to your equipment. Look for a filter that provides the best protection from contaminates and abrasives by keeping them from wearing down the tight tolerances within the high pressure hydraulic system.

4. Oil Filters

Oil Filters are designed to:

  • Maximize engine and engine oil cleanliness

  • Meet expected oil change intervals

  • Provide the best machine performance and lubrication system protection

The right oil filter is going to provide protection against particles that can make their way into the lubrication system during service or component wear. Not only do they filter elements to improve performance, they also protect vital components leading to longer life and higher resale value.

5. High Efficiency Fuel filters

High Efficiency Fuel Filters provide unmatched contamination control that ensures only clean fuel reaches your engine. Clean fuel is important because diesel engines now have advanced designs and emissions reduction technologies.

Under these conditions, even smaller, micron-sized contaminates can cause premature component wear, reduced performance, and/or lead to emissions compliance issues.

6. Extended Life Coolant (ELC)

Coolants provide excellent protection against boiling and freezing to prevent component degradation.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs. ECL reduces engine coolant and additive costs by as much as 500% compared to conventional coolants. It also eliminates the need for supplemental coolant additives, extends coolant change-out intervals, and reduces disposal requirements.

  • Advanced Metal Protection. This incorporates an advanced formula technology with organic acid additive corrosion inhibitors, such as a combination of mono and dicarboxylates, for maximum protection of copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron and aluminum.

7. Batteries

The reliability of your equipment begins with a reliable battery. You need to have confidence that your battery will start your equipment every time, even in the most adverse environments and extreme temperatures. A good quality battery will lower your maintenance, owning, and operating costs.

8. Grease

High quality grease provides:

  • Long life. Use high-quality calcium sulfonate complex formula with 5% molybdenum disulfide (moly) for long service life in Cat applications.

  • Moisture resistance. Resists washout from fresh and salt water.

  • Reduced component wear. Resists softening and continues to protect parts under extreme loads and high-speeds.

  • Corrosion protection. Resists oxidation and protects metal against rust. Will not corrode or damage steel, copper bearing alloys or conventional seal materials.

Using maintenance products as a preventative measure will decrease downtime. Finning has a range of Customer Value Agreements to suit whatever your business needs. 

You can get all the parts and maintenance products you need when you order online, visit our experts in-branch, or by call our team 1-888-FINNING. 

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