5 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Equipment

  1. Make sure to perform the Caterpillar Operation and Maintenance recommended services at the appropriate intervals. Stay ahead of machine downtime by being proactive with your maintenance and services. Our Preventative Maintenance programs make managing and maintaining you equipment easy.

  2. Do regular fluid analysis tests on your equipment. Take oil, coolant and fuel samples regularly to manage the health of your equipment and reduce operating costs. We can detect problems early, shorten repair time, maximize component life, and help you avoid unscheduled downtime.

  3. Use Cat® Inspect. This easy-to-use app will save you time and money by completing equipment and SOS inspections for your small or large-scale fleet. Equipment inspections identify potential problems before failure and reduce unplanned downtime.

  4. Connect your assets. Equipment data is the information that comes from the machine itself. It may be live data received by an on-site computer or it may be logged information downloaded from the equipment’s on-board Electronic Control Modules (ECMs). This information is essential in helping you reduce engine and machine downtime, control costs, and schedule repairs more efficiently resulting in optimized productivity.

  5. Do regular condition monitoring on your equipment. This proactive process of evaluating equipment and application data provide maintenance, component replacement, application and repair recommendations that helps you lower owning and operating costs, improve your availability and reduce your warranty costs.

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