Advanced Customer Support

Managing and Maintaining Your Equipment Made Easy

Our approach to advanced maintenance is both structured and flexible, depending on your jobsite and operating schedule. When you agree to a Customer Value Agreement (CVA), we work directly with you to keep your equipment in optimal health, even designing customized programs that work for your business. Our CVAs allow you to access an industry-leading advanced equipment maintenance program, combining fluid analysis with the latest technologies to remotely monitor your fleet and digital inspections at service intervals. With our expert technicians monitoring and analyzing equipment data from thousands of machines, you can take advantage of these insights and knowledge to optimize your own equipment availability and health.

Every Finning CVA includes six core elements:

Advanced Maintenance

1. Advanced Maintenance solutions are readily available with the right parts to ensure on-time and proactive self-service or with our set-up help. Using our remote monitoring service, we'll advise you 50 hours before advanced maintenance is required.

2. Equipment Inspections are simplified with a mobile application that allows you to download complete inspections including additional information such as pictures, comments, and ratings. Download the free Cat® Inspect app for iOS and Android.

Remote Fleet Monitoring and Condition Monitoring

Equipment Insights

3. Remote Fleet Monitoring provides you with expert recommendations on equipment maintenance and repairs bringing together asset data, fluid analysis, inspection results and more for a complete picture of your fleet’s health.

4. VisionLink is a secure, web-based application that allows you to easily view all your equipment and assets. Know where your equipment is and how it’s performing.

5. Fluid Analysis is a specialized service that analyzes particulates in the fluids used in your machine, spotting things a regular inspection doesn't.

Fleet Health Report and Insights

Health Report

6. Fleet Health Reporting complements your near-real time data from VisionLink, with more in-depth reports made available each month, summarizing the status of your equipment health and performance. That means operational savings and efficiencies for you, and your equipment will thank you too.

Additional Customized Solutions

We work directly with you to help maintain your equipment through clear scheduling, keeping equipment running at its peak. Our experts will take care of everything - from routine oil changes to major engine repairs. By offering fixed maintenance costs per hour, we can ensure improved machine availability and productivity. Our team will design insight-informed maintenance schedules to suit your needs, even reducing downtime by working during off-hours. Are you ready for peace of mind maintenance?​



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