Your Small Business Equipment Rental Guide

24 August 2022

When it comes to equipment rental, smaller businesses have different needs than large companies. While renting is a great option no matter the size of your business, it can make a more significant difference to owners of small businesses, giving you the versatility to take on a broader range of jobs while allowing you to keep cash on hand for day-to-day operations. Our small business equipment rental guide showcases the benefits of renting, whether you’re just starting out in business or are seeing new areas of growth.

Benefits of equipment rental

For smaller businesses, there are a number of benefits to renting equipment rather than buying:

  • Increased flexibility: Renting allows you to get the machines, attachments, and tools you need for each job as your needs change. When you’re busy or have a large project, you can easily supplement your fleet without having to worry about paying for idle equipment during the slow season or after the job is completed.

  • Positive impact on cash flow: Equipment rental requires significantly less capital investment, and your costs are predictable. You can easily budget for your rental fees, and renting eliminates the costs of storage and maintenance, both of which add up over time. An added benefit is that renting your equipment won’t have as much impact on your taxes.

  • The chance to test drive: If you know you need to add to your fleet, equipment rental gives you the opportunity to test machines to determine if they’re going to meet your needs. There’s no sense investing in an expensive piece of equipment only to discover it doesn’t work for your operation.

  • The opportunity to try new tech: The equipment being rented out today has the latest technology—everything from data collection to help you make more informed decisions to the ability to control machines from remote locations. What difference would some of these technologies make to how you serve your clients? Renting allows you to try new technologies and see the impact on your business, team, and work.

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