Your Top Snow Removal Equipment Rental Options

5 October 2021

When you have to clear large amounts of snow for clients, you need the right equipment for the job. As this type of work is seasonal, exploring snow removal equipment rental options is smart. Renting allows you to save on storage and maintenance costs and ensures you only have to pay for the equipment when you’re using it.

Here are your best snow removal equipment rental choices.

Skid steers

These highly flexible pieces of equipment are ideal for snow removal. Available with wheels or tracks so you can choose a machine that will work in the conditions you operate in, skid steers also have heated cabs to keep operators warm. A number of attachments are available that make clearing snow easier.

Wheel and backhoe loaders

When you’re dealing with large volumes of snow, a wheel loader can make a big difference. Due to their size and the high degree of visibility they offer, loaders help you get the job done quickly and safely.

Snow removal attachments

Skid steers and loaders are versatile snow removal machines, but attachments allow them to do even more. There are six kinds of attachments to choose from:

  • Snow buckets: Ideal for smaller jobs, buckets let you lift and dump snow. They’re ideal if you’re loading snow into trucks for disposal elsewhere.
  • Blades: For sidewalks and parking lots, blades allow you to push snow effectively and efficiently.

  • Pushes: Designed to push large amounts of snow straight ahead, pushes can clear areas in just one pass.
  • Plows: Use the windrowing action of a plow to clear snow from roads. Plow attachments have two edges that cut through snow and follow surface contours.

  • Snow blowers: These attachments let you move the snow where you want it, whether that’s straight ahead or off to the side.

  • Brooms: For light snowfalls, a hydraulic broom can make quick work of snow removal.

Renting snow removal equipment can help you increase the productivity and profitability of your business. Get a head start on this winter’s work by visiting Rental Point, the online portal for The Cat® Rental Store, to view snow removal equipment and attachments and get an accurate quote.

If you’re not sure which equipment is right for your operation, talk to our experts. Our team is experienced with snow removal requirements and can help you decide which pieces will make the biggest positive impact for you.

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