A Unique Approach to Rentals

RER recently spoke with Jordan Reber, Finning Canada's senior vice president of digital and operational excellence, about the company's unique rental program.

We rent really extraordinary stuff and the size and scale of the rental inventory is staggering. The whole deal for us is trying to understand the right mix between rentals for big industry and plants versus small to mid-sized customers. In Canada, it’s much harder to find that mix because of the rural nature of the areas where all the industrial activity happens. What we are doing with our rental business is we have an urban presence that looks and feels like a traditional rental business but that’s really integrated with the dealer.

Where we excel is that we rent equipment that other people don’t. We rent equipment across many industry sectors, including dozers and skidders and specialized equipment for the construction industry especially loaders and road-building excavators. And our 797F haul trucks for mining come fully equipped with the latest technology, some of the largest equipment in the world that you can rent.

Another real differentiator for us is our company’s entire technology suite is available with our rental machines. We do condition monitoring and we have analysts that monitor the performance of the rental fleet and if there’s a breakdown we can predict it and keep that customer informed. We use Cat telematics and our rental machines come with Trimble technology, grade control and more sophisticated tools for machines in a production environment and so you’re able to use them the same way as something you would own in real critical situations.

Read the full interview in the June issue of RER

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