Finning Delivers Turnkey Rental Power Solution

In the summer of 2019, AltaLink embarked on rebuilding an aging power transmission line in Banff National Park in Alberta. The 69 kV line that served all of the residents and business west of Banff including Lake Louise and Sunshine Village was built in the 60s and had reached its end of life. While the power line was being rebuilt, AltaLink called on Finning to provide an alternate source of power.

“AltaLink wanted us to supply power and not have to worry so they could concentrate on rebuilding the line,” said Mike Kuzminski, industry manager for Finning’s rental power division. “We needed to provide a power plant that would run 100% of the time for a three-month period. With the power system provided by Caterpillar, our on-site fueling system provided by Finning industrial service company 4Refuel and our operators monitoring 24-7 we were able to bring a complete turnkey solution together to provide AltaLink exactly what they needed.”

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