The CUBIQ platform now supports single-sign-on (SSO) with your Caterpillar ID (also known as CWS ID).  SSO reduces the number of user names and passwords you need to remember to access Finning and Cat online services and simplifies your online experience.  Once logged in using your CWS ID you don’t need to enter it again to access, Cat SIS, SOS, Inspections, VisionLink or other services.

Linking your Caterpillar ID with CUBIQ.

To enable SSO, you must have an active CUBIQ account (request one here) and manually link it to your Cat CWS account in the CUBIQ User Settings. The linking procedure is outlined below.


1.  Log into CUBIQ Dealer Services the way you normally do using either the Yellow or Blue button:

  • email account type (yellow button) 
  • Office 365 active directory account type (blue button).

2. Navigate to the person icon on the left navigation bar.

3. Select User Settings

4. On the right hand side, click Link to connect your CWS ID to your CUBIQ account and enable SSO.  This step creates the handshake between Finning and Caterpillar services.

5. After clicking Link on the User Settings page, you'll be redirected to the Cat ID login page to enter your CWS username and password.  

6. After entering your credentials you will be redirected automatically back to User Settings in CUBIQ.

Note: If you already have an active CWS login session on your computer, the linking process will bypass the login step and automatically link your accounts.  If this is the case, proceed to step 7 below.

7. When your account is successfully linked, you'll see the confirmation message and your CWS ID will now appear in User Settings with the option to unlink whenever you choose.


8. You've completed the 1x linking process!  Your CWS ID is now linked to your CUBIQ account.  Reminder! use the BLACK LOG IN WITH CAT CWS button to login and put Finning at your Fingertips.

Trouble Shooting

If after linking your account you see the error message "Something went wrong. This action cannot be completed. Please contact Finning support." Try the below steps before reaching out for assistance:

  • Open another tab in the same browser.
  • Goto
  • Click Logout
  • Return to the User Settings within your CUBIQ account and follow the linking procedure again.

If you continue to have issues, it may be because your CWS account is already linked with another CUBIQ user. Please contact us via click-to-chat on the right of your browser window or at and we will assist in getting you set up.

Notes regarding Single-sign-on with Cat CWS

It is not possible to link the same CWS ID to multiple CUBIQ user accounts.

You can remove the SSO linking manually at any time by clicking 'unlink' in your CUBIQ User Settings.