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Managing Your Orders.

Asset Monitoring.



What is CUBIQ Dealer Services?

CUBIQ Dealer Services is Finning's online customer platform or "digital dealership" that bring together all of your digital technology and performance solutions in one place, including where customers can track orders, download invoices, look at information about their machines, receive service recommendations, sign documents and more!  It's free and available to all Finning customers.

How can I sign up to use CUBIQ dealer services?

  1. Register new users via the CUBIQ Dealer Services registration page.
  2. Include your company name and if you know it, your Finning Account Number.

How do I add more accounts for more staff?

  1. Register new users via the CUBIQ Dealer Services registration page.
  2. Include your company name and your Finning Account Number.

I have an admin account how do I add more people to it?

If you have an admin account, you can add additional staff to it here.

How does parts tracking work?

Seeing as every business is time-sensitive, you can follow the status of your order from when we receive it, all the way though to when it’s delivered. You get complete transparency throughout the whole parts ordering process. So, say goodbye to missing paperwork and hello to smoother operations.

I'm having technical difficulties, who should I contact?

Please get in touch with us at

How will CUBIQ dealer services help my business?

CUBIQ dealer services can provide value to you in several different ways:

  • It simplifies your experience by putting everything you need in one place.
  • It provides you with 24/7 access to your Finning data, so you can get the information you need, when you need it.
  • You can track your parts orders easily.

Is there a cost for signing up for CUBIQ dealer services?

No, signing up and using CUBIQ Dealer Services is free for all Finning customers.

What is the password policy for CUBIQ dealer services?

For any Finning users, and for customer accounts that authenticate on CUBIQ using federated Office 365 or Active Directory authentication (using the “Log In With Office 365” button), password management is handled via that service and all password policies and management would be set by the IT organization that owns that identity management tool.

What are the supported browsers?

It is recommended to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari when using CUBIQ dealer services. Internet Explorer and Edge are not supported.

What are the definition of the Order Tracking Status'?

The following should help you understand the tracking statuses available when viewing “Order Status” for a parts order.

  • Confirmed.  We’ve received your order and we’ll start preparing it shortly.  Order Confirmation sent if you’ve requested it.  This status is NOT visible in CUBIQ Dealer Services.
  • Preparing. Your order has been accepted and is being reviewed and sourced.  It will stay in the Preparing status pending arrival (to a Finning facility) and will change status when it is available for shipment/delivery.
  • Partly ready to pick up / ship. Some of the items in your order are available to pick up or ship. Others are still preparing. Check the order details for specifics whether you want to wait for everything to be ready or need what’s available now.
  • Ready to pick up / ship. Also known as “Picked”. We’ve finished gathering all the items in your parts order and are available to be picked up or shipped to your destination
  • Picked up / shipped. The order has shipped or been picked up and will invoice overnight.
  • Invoiced: Your parts order has been completed and your parts have either: 1 been picked up by someone from your company or 2 are in the process of being delivered to you.  Regardless of the delivery method, the invoice is available for download. 
Note: When the Planned Delivery Date has no date with an i contact Finning to get more information.


Can I track my orders in Saskatchewan?

It's on the roadmap.  Order history has started to be available and we're working out the issues with back end systems. The ETA to have this functioning as intended is planned for end Q2'2022.

How do I change my Asset ID in CUBIQ?

Short answer is 'you are not able to' do it yourself directly in CUBIQ. CUBIQ receives information from many other Finning and Caterpillar systems so we can change it for you. Contact Finning at when you need an Asset ID updated.

Parts Returns

What is a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)?

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), also known as a Return Authorization (RA) or Return Goods Authorization (RGA), is part of the process of returning a product to receive a refund or credit.  It provides the Customer information on the terms of a credit / refund as well as what is allowed to be returned.  Essentially it lets the Customer know:

  1. What they have an entitlement to return 
  2. What they are allowed to return (based on our returnability indicator)

Online RMA creation will occur only on CUBIQ.

Note: It does not replace the receipt or inspection of returns prior to the parts being received at the branch. Credit will be issued when parts are received and passed inspection.


What is the benefit of initiating returns on CUBIQ?

Standardized paperwork containing all the information (such as the original order purchase info) the receiving branch requires to be able to process the return = receive the credit faster.

What are the next steps after I create an (RMA)?

Bring your returnable parts, with a copy of the RMA, to the selected branch and they will inspect the pending return.  Credit will be issued after return criteria has been reviewed and parts have passed credit inspection.

What if I want to return something that is nonreturnable?

Parts are separated out by Returnable and Non-Returnable when initiating the request through the platform.  Returning parts that are not returnable (do not have returnable indicator) is at the discretion of the branch. We know there are lots of reasons to return items that are nonreturnable.

What if I create an RMA by accident?

RMAs initiated in platform can be cancelled in platform as well. Order Management> Returns History.

Who do I contact if I disagree with the credit amount?

Please contact our CSC team at 1-888-Finning or your local branch.

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Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Returns are easy on CUBIQ.  No more messy handwriting.  Know if the part is returnable and quickly find the original order number. 

Step-by-Step Guide and How-to Video

Asset Grouping.

The Asset Monitoring application now includes a simple asset grouping feature where an individual user can assign assets in their company equipment list to a custom group tag.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Create, Edit and Delete your Asset Groups.

Linking your Caterpillar account with CUBIQ.

The CUBIQ platform now supports single-sign-on (SSO) with your Caterpillar ID (also known as CWS ID).

Step-by-Step Linking Instructions Guide and How-to Video

Insights Dashboard Quick Start Guide

The interactive Insights app was designed to replace all former versions of static monthly Condition Monitoring Health Reports provided to CVA customers.

Get started quickly with this guide.

eSign Data Governance

Short video showing the process to eSign your Data Governance Agreements.  It's as easy as 1-2-3



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