Finning Combined Heat And Power System

Combined Heat And Power (CHP)

Get Your Best Return On Investment

Your Cat® combined heat and power (CHP, or cogeneration) solution from Finning Power Systems is built for providing reliable, clean electricity while providing a high-quality heat source. By using the heat byproduct of electricty generators, Cat CHP systems are integrated so waste heat is recovered and used for heating, cooling, dehumidification and other processing application. With modern technologies, thermal efficiencies can reach up to 90%, allowing for substantial savings on electricity costs and a rapid return on investment. 

Finning Power Systems has a global reputation for developing CHP solutions that are durable, economic and reliable. We can offer you a single supply for your entire CHP system including:

  • Backup power
  • Switchgear
  • Heat recovery
  • Emissions after-treatment
  • Long-term operating and maintenance agreements

Engine-driven generator sets can produce heat well-suited to a variety of needs: space heating, domestic or industrial water heating, absorption cooling, desiccant dehumidification, and light industrial process loads. A CHP system does not need to serve such loads year-round or 24 hours per day to be cost effective - nor does a facility heat load have to be large enough to use all the heat that can be recovered from the engine.

Clean And Safe

Cat gas engines meet the most stringent air-quality requirements. And, they operate on safe, low-pressure gas systems. Cat also offers aftertreatment products to help you meet local emission requirements.


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