Electric Generator being serviced

Electric Power

Our Electric Power team is respected not only for our capacity to provide solutions for unique problems, but for the quality of both our personnel and product, and for our success in delivering on time and on budget power projects. Satisfied customers around the world will confirm the dependability and productivity of a Finning Power Systems installation. Whether you're located at a remote mine site or need dedicated resources in a commercial centre, we offer options for several industries and applications.

We offer the following the solutions, customizable to your needs:

  • Standby Power
  • Mission Critical and Data Centres 
  • Prime and Continuous Projects and Powerhouse Solutions
  • Cogeneration and Renewables
  • Microgrid Solutions
  • Services and Product Support

Generate heat and electricity concurrently with a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.

Finning Combined Heat and Power
Finning completed a Power (CHP) Generation project at the Edmonton International Airport. The generators provide electricity and the waste heat from the engine is used to power the facilities hot water circuits. The building process was a collaborative effort with the Edmonton International Airport to customize the system to the weather, conditions and user interfaces.

Finning Power Technology Event
Finning held a technology event to showcase Caterpillar’s Product Hydrogen Demonstration, which helps with our customers’ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives in emission reductions plus achieving higher operational efficiency. 


Our Electric Power Products


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Sudhi Rao P. Eng
Applications Engineering Manager - EP Solutions
+1 604-231-3934

Jorge Restrepo P. Eng
Technical Sales Support - Power Generation
+1 778-828-6750

Benjamin Clark P. Eng
Packaging Engineer - Engineering Services
+1 604-231-3931