Switchgear & Controls Retrofit Program

Know Your Options

A switchgear retrofit can include a software update, hardware retrofit, or a complete overhaul of your electrical power system. Our retrofitting solutions can be more cost effective, and incur much less (sometimes zero) down-time, than replacing with new equipment. By looking at a retrofit option, you can:

  • Upgrade obsolete components
  • Review system operation
  • Alter generator sequence of operation to meet your facilities needs
  • Load shed review and upgrades
  • Load demand review
  • Protective relay review and upgrades
  • Breaker repair and upgrades
  • Add Remote monitoring possibilities
  • New generator integration into switchgear
  • Quick-Connect integration into switchgear

When a Switchgear Retrofit Makes Sense

Over time, electrical systems can become outdated. Sometimes it’s a case of an aging system that no longer performs as intended, increased needs have outstripped capacity, or electrical components contain obsolete parts. With upgrades and changes to their facilities, facility managers may want to consider a switchgear retrofit to improve performance and bring their electrical power systems up to date.

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