MineStar Detect

Increase safety throughout your mine

MineStar detect is your operator's friend, helping them to monitor everything going on around their machine, while being able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. This is achieved through a range of enhanced machine capabilities including blind spot and proximity detection of fixed, mobile equipment and people. Because Detect works on most types of equipment from a range of manufacturers, it can connect different assets onsite, from Off-highway Trucks to Wheel Loaders, Motor Graders, and even light duty vehicles. We also offer other fatigue and distraction solutions that keep your jobsite as safe as possible. 

Our Minestar Detect capabilities include:

  • Fatigue Management: The driver safety system uses camera-based technology to detect fatigue and distraction events, such as looking at a mobile device.
  • Vision: Offers multiple camera capabilities, allowing operators to manually select the views they need on their in-cab display to see what is happening around their machines.
  • Personnel: Links individuals and machines thanks to the use of specialist GNSS proximity tags, that can be worn, placed in light vehicles or attached to portable equipment. The system gives these tags an electronic presence within the digital mine site environment.
  • Objection Detection: Uses radar and cameras to detect obstacles including light vehicles.
  • Proximity Awareness: Adds GNSS and office software to provide proximity detection for machines and light vehicles. It also allows pre-programmed information—such as avoidance zones, fixed plant infrastructure and more to be displayed in the cab.

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